7 Ways to Make the Most of the Blessed Month This Year

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As we have once again been blessed with the month of Ramadhan, why not ensure you make the most out of the month? Here, we’ve looked at some of our top tips to boost your experience during this  and uplift your spirit to make the most of out of this sacred time of year.

 Make the Q a Priority

Whether you focus on the Q regularly or not as much as you feel you should, take this time to make reading it and connecting with it a priority.

Take the Time to Turn Off and Focus

Whether this means turning off your connections to the outside world with modern technology or training your mind to switch off from the noise of unnecessary thoughts, take time every single day through Ramadan to be completely still and focused in mind and body.


Immerse yourself in reflection with The Almighty in your mind and take this time to reconnect honestly with yourself and Allah. Through both Sunnah prayers and reflection and meditation, ensure you take the time to make this a priority.

Use the Time to Plan

While Ramadan is a month filled with prayer, meals and ceremonies, also use this time of spiritual connection to plan ahead of the months following Ramadan, ensuring that you stay focused and ambitious with goals for the future.

Stay Disciplined

The best way to make the most out of this month is to stay disciplined. If it helps, make a prayer schedule and stick to scheduled times of day to meditate and read the Q and during iftar share your learnings of the day with those closest to you.


To ensure you both learn and enjoy throughout the month of Ramadan, make sure you use your resting time well. Take a short sunnah nap in the afternoon if it helps to stay focused and rotate around your prayer schedule.

Stay Focused

Modern day life is busy. However, during this month especially, it’s important to take the time to focus on what is important. This means leaving unnecessary affairs and stress to one side and remaining attentive to the important disciplines of Ramadan