‘The best of mankind are those who benefit mankind’

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At Faris we strive to be recognised as a brand that operates in a manner that’s consistent with our values and we believe that with the help of The Almighty , we can play a small part in helping improve lives.

We are excited to announce our new charity partners – Benefit Mankind.

They’re an organisation, entirely ran by volunteers, making a difference in their communities and worldwide by providing food parcels to families affected by poverty.

We’re standing by Benefit Mankind, supporting their vision of spreading kindness, love, peace and compassion regardless of race, religion or culture.

We hope to help them deliver an additional 200 food packs during the month of Ramadan, and we need your support to help achieve this.

Each food parcel generally contains rice, flour, oil, lentils, spices, tea, sugar, chicken luncheon meat, tuna fish etc.

For a £25 donation, you can feed a family of 5 for the whole month of Ramadan!

Zakat, Sadaqah & Lillah accepted