Faris in Istanbul

IMG 3123

Istanbul is a city packed with rich Islamic culture as well as being a vibrant and contemporary metropolis that bridges the gap between Asia and Europe. As Modest Fashion Week returned this year to Istanbul for the second time, we decided that it was a key spot to create the perfect backdrop for our new season’s collection campaign.

Modest Fashion Week hit Istanbul for the first time in 2016 and has now also seen huge success in London, Dubai and Jakarta. Bringing together incredible designers from all over the world that specialise in modest fashion and Islamic dress, Modest Fashion Week is a celebration of culture, diversity and a movement to a more inclusive future in fashion.

With the excitement of the lead up to Modest Fashion Week, we couldn’t wait to head out to Istanbul ourselves as we prepared for our latest and biggest-ever seasonal campaign shoot.

A lifestyle shoot that explores our thobes in a new light and creates a vision of the true experience and culture that we as a brand stand for, we photographed our latest collection at locations, such as the Blue Mosque and Belgrad Forest.

The historic mosque played a dramatic backdrop to some of our most luxurious images created yet. Built in the 17th century, the monument holds an important place in Islamic heritage and built a visualisation for our collection like no other. Just outside the city, we headed to Belgrad Forest to capture the natural beauty and luscious greenery that many are never able to experience.

Combining Islamic culture with modern-day fashion and trends makes Faris not simply unique but also projects us as leaders in innovation when it comes to traditional mens modestwear. This is exactly why Istanbul was the perfect choice when it came to creating the campaign imagery for the new collection that we know our customers are going to love to wear.

We can’t wait for you to see it!