New look for Faris

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Using techniques developed and perfected for over 20 years in the Middle East, Faris has gained a reputation specialising in modest traditional menswear – with a modern twist. Well known for fine craftsmanship, beautiful fabrics and contemporary designs, our thobe collections have garnered a loyal client base worldwide.

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new website which will showcase our distinctively stylish men’s thobes that are perfect for any occasion…but for us, this isn’t enough as we venture into new and exciting areas, bringing you an ever more diverse range of premium products in our aim to become the lifestyle curators of the modern gentleman.

Faris is no ordinary menswear label, Building a lifestyle brand that connects with the modern Muslim man is vitally important to us, That’s why our new blog will act as the hub for advice from sartorial experts, handpicked articles and detailed insights into our thobe collections and meticulous production process.

With a refreshed, sleek website and some very exciting new lines to be released soon, Faris is ready and raring to go! Designed and built for the modern Muslim committed to achieving the perfect contemporary look, is your go to destination for all things a gentleman needs to keep his look clean, in-style and on-point.