Specialising in traditional men’s Modestwear we ensure that the concept of Faris (meaning : Knight) is interwoven into our design philosophy. We realise that being born a King, can simply not fill one with elegance – it must be earned, which is why we place such emphasis on the Knight. What is more traditional or honourable than the Knight, who has drawn respectability and trust, and what could be a better symbol to articulate everything that we stand for as a brand and the clothing standards we believe you are entitled to.

With a technique that has been perfected for over 20 years in the Middle East, we at Faris are able to give you designs, which are simply put, stitch perfect. Similar to the armour of the noblest knight, our garments are tailored with the finest, offering you products which are comfortable, yet feel destined for your body’s contours. It really is all in the stitching.

Our success has come from encapsulating everything that is elegant, noble and bold of the Knight and infusing these qualities into our culture, ensuring you feel every bit as worthy when wearing our designs.