kids Omani black and gold 1kids Omani black and gold 1

Omani Black Boys Thobe


There is nothing quite as cute as a boy in a faris omani thobe.

Colour: Black
Fabric: Medium Hand Feel Polyester
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The Omani Black with Gold Kids Thobe – a tale of timeless elegance and unparalleled craftsmanship. This children’s thobe effortlessly blends tradition with sophistication, offering a garment that embodies grace and refinement.Each stitch of this meticulously crafted thobe is infused with the rich heritage of Oman, reflecting centuries of artisanal excellence, every golden thread tells a story of tradition and pride. Not just a piece of clothing, the Omani Black with Gold Kids Thobe is a symbol of identity and values. With its water-resistant properties and superior quality, it offers more than just style – it offers durability and practicality, ensuring your child stands out with confidence and grace.