‘Elegance’ thobe fabrics developed by Faris


Alongside the launch of the brand-new Faris website, spring/summer ’19 also brings with it the launch of our newest men’s thobe collection, arriving soon!

At Faris , we’re not into staying still when it comes to design and innovation, we are always working on the next exciting idea that we want to bring to our loyal thobe customers.

With new styles and a fresh colour palette, one of the biggest changes for the spring/summer ’19 collection is our newly developed fabric. We’ve been working with our expert fabric partners to create the perfect men’s thobe materials that work beautifully as a lightweight, soft and yet still stylishly structured solution to thobes that can be worn both all day and into the evening.

Launching very soon, our brand-new fabric brings an understated touch to our jubbas, with a softer, subtler and more elegant finish, perfectly in line with the men’s spring/summer trends for the season.

The new fabric comes with a sophisticated colour palette, including on-trend hues of olive green and maroon, whilst still offering classics, such as black, navy, white and cream. Developed with a slightly more matte finish, the fabric and brand-new range of colours allows our customers to opt for colour with a refined edge, perfect for any event or occasion.

A spun polyester blend, our goal while developing our new thobe fabric was to achieve the perfect balance of lightweight comfort and soft luxurious hand-feel while maintaining the perfect amount of structure within the fabric to ensure our fit remains on-point.

With an eternal commitment to quality and the creation of timeless, yet urbane thobes for men with an on-trend twist, here at Faris , we look forward to the launch of our new range just in time for Ramadhan 19.

Stay tuned on our new blog “World of Faris” for all things to do with our new launches, collection updates and men’s thobe style advice for every occasion.